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Friday, January 11, 2013

Column Kees Jansma: AGOVV is dead and they find that it is so but is better

A few months ago led me around at AGOVV Henk Timmer. It was beautiful autumn weather, whose Apeldoorn enjoyed visible. Stadium Berg en Bos, that since some time Fly Brazil turned out to welcome, sparkled. The old, sclerotic bleachers kraakten friendly, the turf glom, the coaches encouraged players with only minor elevation to the voice and the older AGOVV'ers saw that it was good.

In the club restaurant I chatted with club icon De Vries about past and present and I mentioned the name of Joop Sneezing, former Football International-Editor-in-Chief and along the line-reporter, in the 1960s and owned sharply goalkeeper of AGOVV. And De Vries spoke about Chadli, Mertens and Klaas-Jan, heroes of more recent past in Apeldoornse service. They were peaceful hours. And Timmer was proud. And confident. AGOVV had a nice team, interest in the club seemed to grow something and Henk pulled the cart. Without a penny to questions. The reward would come in the spring of 2013, as AGOVV finally could go harvesting.

Henk and I had a fine day, after which I AGOVV he supplanted and doorploeterde. So in vain. AGOVV is dead, at least the paid branch. The Court judgment has consummated. Another cluppie less. That is healthy and so better, call the fans of now, but I again nostalgic feelings in liver. I was Sport and Sports world, of the ESSO-team photos, of the paste images in the chewing gum, of the old stadiums, with wooden bleachers, of the programme sheet with the preparation of both teams ... I am now best of the present, but does not really without the past. AGOVV belonged more to the past than to the present. But on my visit to Apeldoorn, so recently, I realized that the present can not without the past.

It must not only go to skyboxen, sponsors, tv, stars and money. We must not forget where the football so long to has turned: to love of volunteers for sport and game ... Oubolliger can't, but so is the ...The AGOVV's of the current professional football still now give the much needed old-fashioned warmth. There is again a AGOVV died. They find that it is so but is better. I do not think so.

Kees Jansma

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